Respite Provider: Hourly Range : $14.15-15.47

JOB PURPOSEIn-home respite is provided on a short-term basis because of the absence of, or need for relief for, the legal authorized representative (LAR) or other primary caregiver of a Waiver participant. This service is intended as a one-to-one respite service for a single Waiver participant during a specific time period. In-Home Respite is done inside of the participant's home or the home of a relative.


Must be 18 years of age with a High School Diploma or GED equivalent. One year's documented experience working with individuals with mental illness issues is required.




  •   Good spelling and grammar skills.
  •   Ability to write progress notes according to standards, assessments, brief mental status exams, memos, letters, various complex reports and miscellaneous other documents with acceptable spelling and grammar.
  •   Computer - skilled in the use of technology with Microsoft Office and all Google applications.
  •   Ability to input data into computer, make calculations, complete paperwork, produce reports.


  •   May be required to interact with other consumers, referral sources, outside agencies, and family members to determine needs and actions to be taken.
  •   Current State of Texas Driver License or if you live in another state, must be currently licensed in that state.
  •   Liability insurance required if employee will operate personal vehicle on Center property or for Center business.  Must be insurable by Center's liability carrier if employee operates a Center vehicle or drives personal car on Center business.
  •   Must complete all training requirements in month in which they are due.
  •   May be required to provide on-call duties. 
  •   Availability of a personal vehicle for business use may be required.
  •   Work will take place within office setting, community setting and within the homes of clients, which may include shelters and temporary housing.
  •   Must submit to and pass a pre-employment drug test
  •   Must successfully pass all background screens as required by the state
  •   Must be physically able to conduct home visits to include walking on uneven surfaces, climbing stairs, and standing for long periods of time if required.
  •  Must have a current Texas driver's license;
  •   Must have a criminal history and background check. [See CRIMINAL HISTORY AND BACKGROUND CHECK, policy 2300.1 of the Texas Health and Human Services Yes Waiver manual];
  •   May be a relative of the participant other than the parents, spouse, legal guardian, or LAR;
  •   Building Safety and Environmental Health checklist must be completed prior to providing services.

Essential Tasks & Standards(For all employees, specific to their position; 8-10 position specific tasks)

  1.   Provides direct care services to individuals diagnosed with SED.
  2.   Complies with Wraparound plan requirements.
  3.   Contributes to the MH unit's accurate and timely submission of encounter data.
  4.   Models effective coping techniques and self-help strategies.
  5.   Assists participant in developing empowerment skills and combating stigma through self advocacy.
  6.   Provides short term reprieve for families of waiver participants.

 Work Behaviors & Standards (For all employees)

  1.   Attends work regularly and punctually in order to provide reliable and consistent coverage in area of responsibility.  Arrives at designated time and departs according to schedule.  Maintains a willingness to adjust schedule to meet the needs of the situation.  Makes every attempt to pre-schedule absences and provide dependable coverage and service.  Complies with Center policies regarding leave usage, absenteeism, and tardiness.
  2.   Interacts with person served in an emotionally supportive and/or therapeutic manner in order to provide an environment of caring, dignity, and respect.
  3.   Works harmoniously with fellow employees, supervisors, family, and friends of persons served, and the public in order to create an environment of caring, dignity and respect, and that allows for the accomplishment of the Center's mission.
  4.  Utilizes work time effectively to insure that all assignments are completed in a thorough and timely manner.
  5.   Abides by all Center policies and procedures regarding training objectives and requirements including those that relate to safety and infectious disease control. Will keep all Staff Development mandatory trainings current.
  6.   Adheres to Center policies and procedures and all applicable requirements and regulations of HHSC, CMS, Texas Administrative Code, CARF, relevant contracts and all other applicable regulatory bodies.
  7.   Maintains confidentiality regarding consumers, records, personnel, and other sensitive and confidential information in order to comply with Center, state, and federal policy.
  8.   Conducts all aspects of employment in accordance with Center's Compliance Program.